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certified organic heirlloom seeds for saleThe only source for certified organic heirloom seeds!

Organic seed can be found here or in their respective categories. 

We are proud to announce that this year (2012) our new vegetable seed farm became certified organic!   This added to the network of organic seed farmers we work with gives you a huge choice of certified organic heirloom vegetable seeds.

  • That means we can start growing many more rare vegetable seeds right here on our own organic seed farm. usda certified organic heirloom seeds
  • More varieties of hard to find heirloom vegetable seeds that are Certified Organic allowing you to meet your organic requirements. 
  • We have better control over the quality of our vegetable crops allowing us to produce superior lines of vegetables that respond to organic inputs.  When you buy certified organic vegetable seed from us you will know those plants were grown and adapted under organic conditions.   They have developed natural resistances and traits that make them superior to the organic farmer. 
  • And it means better organic seed prices because there is no middle man!