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Our family owned Sustainable Seed Company provides gardeners with over 1570 varieties of organic and heirloom seeds. We offer the largest variety available, making us the best source for Certified Organic Heirloom seed this spring.

Sustainable Seed Company has recently added over 100 new tomatoes to our selection which currently totals more than 300 varieties. Discovering “new” heirloom seeds is one of our passions, and we would love to hear from anyone who is growing heirloom seeds that have been passed down for generations. We hope to preserve this part of history and believe that with the continuing encroachment from large producers of hybrid and GMO seeds, that companies such as our own, along with our customers, may be a crucial link to saving the future of food.

As a family owned business, Sustainable Seed Company endeavors to provide our customers with the quality of seed we put in our own garden and on our tables. We have a strong focus on both quality and customer service. Our seeds are grown right on our own farm to ensure maximum quality and germination rates. As we discover new seeds, they are tested for purity, planted and harvested until we have enough seed to supply to customers. It may be several years before there is a sufficient quantity for customers as the strains often originate from just a handful of seeds.

Information is an important aspect of our company and is crucial for developing a sustainable garden. Many gardeners don’t have the resources to learn how to plant, harvest and save heirloom seeds. We offer a variety of information within our pages, blog and YouTube channel to educate our customers about these methods and more. What sets us apart from other seed companies is our effort to provide this information to our customers so they may never need to purchase that strain from us again. We do this to encourage a sustainable lifestyle and to promote organic heirloom seed gardening.

Part of the education process is explaining terms commonly associated with our lifestyle. The term “natural” often is used; however it doesn’t actually convey a legal meaning within organic gardening. We are a “Certified Organic” producer and show documentation within the site, assuring customers that the seed they purchase from us has not been genetically engineered or modified. In layman’s terms this means that the seeds harvested at the end of the year will provide the same level of quality next year. It is important to note, though, that in some areas, heirloom seeds may be at risk of cross-pollination from commercial farms. We recommend learning more about hand-pollinating your own seeds to protect the garden from this unwarranted intrusion.

The crew at Sustainable Seed Company is pleased to provide our customers with the largest quantity and quality of certified organic heirloom seed available. Check out our selection and learn the value of our high quality and low prices for planting a sustainable garden.


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