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Old Seed Catalogs

Don't throw out old seed catalogs!

Old seed catalogs, books, magazines, journals, seed packages, pictures, etc... contain valuable information important to seed preservation.

This type of information is invaluable to us. It helps us to understand how a variety grew, say, 100 years ago, what its characteristics were, what the name was and how that might have changed over the years. You see, seed preservation can be a tricky thing. How do we know that the "Fordhook Lima" that we have today was the same one they had three generations ago?

Keeping seeds true to their heritage starts with understanding what the characteristics were associated with that variety. Trade magazines or family journals of plant breeders are invaluable in helping us to understand how a particular plant may have been created. The information is then shared on this website to the public free of charge. The information is not lost, but made publicly available for all to use.

PLEASE, the next time you are cleaning out the attic, do not throw this stuff out. If you are at a garage sale and see a box of old seed catalogs, pick them up!  If Aunt Ruby has been saving them for years and she passed away, don't throw them away! Please contact us. 1-877-620-SEED

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jame williams 05-27-2012 08:14 PM
good stuff

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