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Everything we offer is available on the website. We do not offer a paper catalog.  We do understand this is a change in the old way seed companies have operated in the past.

One of the biggest reasons we don't produce a paper catalog is current seed availability.  A live/real-time website allows us to keep availability on our rare seed current. No substitutions, no refund check in your order instead of the seed you wanted.   You actually get what you order.  Plus, we don't have to hire a person to issue daily refunds.  This savings allows us to better serve you in other ways. 

The website also allows us to build a huge database of information for our customers with many photos. No other seed company for instance offers historical references and documents on the origins of heirloom seeds. We could not do this in a paper catalog.

More importantlytly, we are committed to being a sustainable green company. This means reducing our carbon footprint. Yearly many seed companies kill as many as 2,200 trees or more to print their paper catalog. We are committed to greening the planet. These choices saves thousands of trees and the precious ecosystems they support.

We are aware that a few people still have slow internet connections. We have tried to design the site to load quickly. If you have a slow connection at home, remember there are community computers at local libraries and most internet cafes.

We are on the cutting edge of a society that is only now learning to change how it uses its limited resources. Sustainability is more than a name to us. At Sustainable Seed Co. we are proud to be a leader in this new movement.

It is our hope that this doesn't greatly inconvenience you and that you will still choose to do business with us.


The Facts About Catalogs

Catalog retailers send out 20 billion catalogs a year, and almost none of the paper contains any recycled content. Instead, over 8 million tons of trees a year go into catalogs alone—which means 8 million tons of trees are going from forests to the landfill, with a short appearance as junk mail in between. What does that mean?

1 ton of virgin printing paper for catalogs uses 24 trees. Now take the number above of 8 million tons used a year and you get 192,000,000 trees that are killed every year so you can thumb through a catalog!! That is roughly 640,000 acres of trees and forest ecosystems destroyed for JUST catalogs. How in good conscious could you or anyone participate in this behavior?

To put that into perspective, that is almost the entire state of Rhode Island being cut down every year for catalogs. These are not just trees, but entire ecosystems of living beings that are destroyed for catalogs. Our mission is to green the planet, not de-green it. We will not be a part of this irresponsible behavior. Yes, we might lose some customers to this policy, but someone has to take the first step in making a change. We are NOT driven by the dollar but by our consciousness and the knowledge that human beings can do better in the world.

Our company vows to leave the smallest footprint possible on this planet as possible. In fact we hope to green more than we take. We are after all a seed company!

In fact most of the book publishers we buy from are a part of the Green Press Initiative. The goal of the Green Press Initiative is to help those in the book and newspaper industries better understand their impacts on endangered forests, indigenous communities, and the Earth's climate. GPI also works with those in the industry to implement solutions, and to provide the tools and resources necessary to support industry transformation.

Comments on Request a Catalog

Straight Tillin' 10-28-2011 10:51 AM
How Much coal is burnt to make the electricity that is used to power up my computer, monitor, speakers, hard drives, printers and whatever else may be plugged in at the time while we sit back and lackadaisically browse your web-only catalog? While I appreciate every effort to green ourselves, I still think there are sustainable that would allow for paper catalogs to be more sustainable than strictly online viewing. How about recycling all of the competitors virgin paper catalogs into your own 100% recycled content catalogs printed in a biodegradable ink? Then you could claim to be a part of the solution as opposed to just pointing out the problem and diverting to a new medium.
Selene Foseid 10-06-2011 04:02 PM
I appreciate the fact that you have an online catalog. I would, however like to suggest a slight tweek. If you could would you add a table of contents so we can get straight to the areas we are interested in. That would be extensively helpful if you could take the time to do so. Thank you very much. :)
Leslie @ Glenn Family Gardens 04-14-2011 01:38 PM
We really enjoy your site and are excited to be ordering bulk Jericho lettuce seeds at such a great price. I think it is great that you don't print your catalog. My husband and I prefer to buy from companies that are "green". We are also excited that you have such a large selection of bulk seeds.
Glenn Catt 02-11-2011 03:53 PM
It's to bad you stopped the paper catalog. i very much enjoyed sitting in front of the fireplace and going through the catalogs and placing our order for the Spring. After reading why your company stopped producing a catalog I have no problem going online with your company. i look forward to do business with a great company like
Sustainable Seed Co. Thanks, Glenn Catt
Steven Muzyka 01-09-2011 08:38 PM
I have spent a few hours looking through your web catalog. I would order almost everything, but I have limited space. It is a treat looking through all the heirloom seeds, especially the seed packages. We have chickens and I would not have known about the those things contained in the poultry package. Keep up the good work and thank you.

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