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African Daisy


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African Daisy

Dimorphotheca sinuata

Packet contains 500 mg, approximately 250 seeds

This dramatic mix of orange, yellow, salmon and white flowers open and close with the sun and passing cloud cover.  This native of South Africa is great for mass plantings. Attracts bees and butterflies.  

Growing Information

Type: Annual 

Seed Depth: 1/16 inch

Height: 8-16 inches

Spacing: 10 inches

Light: Full sun

Water: Moderate

Soil: Well-drained, light

Planting Regions: USDA Zones 3-10

When to sow: Direct sow in spring after the last frost date.  African Daisies do not transplant well. Requires light to germinate. 

Optimal temperature for germination: 60-70 F

Blooming period: Mid spring through summer. 

Coverage: Sow at 11 pounds per acre.  One ounce covers 90 square feet.  

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