Bean Seeds

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*Beans are a warm season crop that can be planted around the same time you plant corn. Do not plant bean seed until the soil temperature reaches a STEADY 65 degrees or better. If you do your seeds may have a terrible germination rate or just rot in the cold soil.

*Beans prefer a well draining soil that is loaded with good humus and composted manure.  Loose soil is very important for seed emergence.

*Beans need plenty of sun.  If plants are shaded part of the day they will be come weak and tall.  

*Replant every 2-3 weeks for continual summer harvest .

*Never plant beans in the same place year after year to avoid soil borne disease problems.

*Plant bush beans 4 inches apart and spread the rows 2-3' wide.  Plant pole beans at least 6" apart and spread rows at least 4' wide.

*Sufficient moisture is especially important from flower bud formation to pod set. Too much or too little water, or excessive heat, causes blossom and pod drop. Provide bean plants with 1 inch of water per week. Extremes in soil moisture can also lead to malformed pods in which only the first few seeds develop, leaving the rest of the bean pod shriveled. Water early in the morning to allow plants to dry quickly and reduce opportunity for disease infection.