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Black Mammoth Sunflower

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Helianthus annuus

Black Mammoth Sunflower Seeds 

aka Mammoth, Russian Mammoth, Black Russian, Black Mammoth Russian

5 gram seed packet contains ~50 seeds

Black Mammoth Sunflower Seedsare black and striped. Plants on average, produces giant 6-12" seed heads filled with delicious seeds. Stalks will grow 8-10' and kids just love them. 

Some, have even been able to grow these sunflowers, as large as 2' wide, and 15' Tall! 

The seeds are rich in oil, and have nutty flavor. Full of healthy fats, Vitamin E, potassium, calcium and phosphorus, these seeds are as nutritious for us as they are for our feathered freinds.

Excellent for those homesteaders wishing to make their own sunflower oil.

Honeybees benefit greatly from the pollen in sunflowers.

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