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Blacktail Watermelon Seeds Blacktail Watermelon Seeds Blacktail Watermelon Seeds

Organic Blacktail Mountain Watermelon Seeds


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organic blacktail mountain watermelonCitrullus vulgaris
Organic Blacktail Mountain Watermelon ( 65-70 days)

  organic seed Sustainably Grown

The package contains approx. 20 seeds or 800 mg. 

This is the watermelon Glenn Drowns (who lived in Northern Idaho at the time) introduced when he was just starting into his seed adventures in the 1970s.  Blacktail Mountain is THE short season heirloom watermelon bred specifically for this purpose.  Blacktail Mountain is a dark green melon loaded with sweet watermelon flavor.  This watermelon has sweet, dense scarlet flesh that just melts in your mouth.  3-12 pounds in size.

Amy Goldman, in one of her books, I believe mentions Blacktail Mountain Watermelon as one of her top 10 favorites.  Blacktail Mountain makes the perfect icebox watermelon because of its perfect 4 person serving size. 

Featured in the book Melons for the Passionate Grower

The Gardeners at the garden forum gardenweb.com said...
"I live at 3,000ft in Clearwater County and I have cool 35-40 degree summer nights. I grew Blacktail Mountain last year and am growing it again this year."

"I had the luck to find a watermelon variety that was bred on the slopes of Blacktail Mountain with our 40-degree summer nights. I live on the lower slopes of the same mountain. My sister grew it in Sagle last year, with more success than she has ever had with watemelons here before."

regional seedHeat tolerant and heat resistant Blacktail Mountain Watermelon is a winner for both northern and southern climates.

Organic Watermelon

Organic Watermelon
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