DIY Easy Garden Potpourri

Making potpourri is fun and easy, especially if you are using flowers from your own garden!  It's also a wonderful way to avoid tossing beautiful floral arrangements after enjoying them in vases around your home. How to make potpourri from your garden   Cut bunches of flowers and herbs but do not put them in

Seed Starting Guide: Parsnips

If you want to grow great parsnips follow these simple tips to ensure they can thrive in your garden. When to plant parsnips:  Many people think of parsnips as a fall plant, however, it is actually a plant with quite a long growing period.  If you want parsnips in the early fall, you're going to

Recipe Tomato Leaf Pesto

Linda Ly, author of the CSA Cookbook writes "When I think of summer bounties, I think of basil and tomatoes— the poster children for the season. Something about the sweet, savory, and ever-so-slightly peppery aroma of basil makes a fruity, subtly smoky, vine-ripened tomato sing. When you combine both of their characteristics into an otherwise