Saving Money and Water by Planting Seeds With California is in a fourth year of drought, water mandates including water over usage fees are prospected to take place within the year. As more than half of the nation’s fruits, nuts, and vegetables come out of California, this no doubt means an increase in food costs

We’re always told to eat a rainbow of vegetables, but many people don’t actually know why or what that means. The fact is that each color of a vegetable can tote a high level of different vitamins and minerals. A combination of which can mean optimum health. You can also make it a more fun

It’s that time of year again…that’s right, Tomato season! If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you’ve already picked out your tomatoes. If not, don't worry! there is still time to get your tomatoes started. Though many people have trouble with tomatoes or lose them to pests, they can be quite easy to grow