Monthly Archive:: February 2013

Certified Organic seed from propagated from plants using open pollination methods, organic fertilizers and pesticides from heirloom varieties can be difficult to find. Unfortunately nature even has a hand in the spread of GMO’s through the food chain. Wind carrying pollen from these manufactured seeds can lead to the contamination of the most protected garden.

Growing heirloom tomato seeds will provide nutritious produce with delicious flavor. Whether you prefer canning, fresh salads, sauces, salsas, or simply sprinkled with sugar, salt or pepper, the rich flavor of sun-ripened tomatoes fresh from the vine will never be quenched by commercially grown hybrids. Open-pollination differentiates this type of seed from man-made hybrids and

Regardless of location, February brings a desire to start working on garden ideas and planting heirloom seeds in preparation for warmer months. Dreams of a bountiful harvest and experimenting with new varieties and ideas can carry the gardener through long winter evenings. Garden planning, including which heirloom seeds to plant can begin taking shape today!