Monthly Archive:: March 2013

With the cool spring most of the country is experiencing this year, gardeners still have time to order and plant organic heirloom spinach seeds. If you hurry you can still get luscious green salads from nutritious spinach, plus enough to freeze for the coming year. This crisp dark green vegetable packs a powerhouse of vitamins

The Sustainable Seed Company has just released the 1888 Burpee’s Matchless Tomato seeds for all home gardeners to enjoy. This is a real heirloom tomato seed, 125 years old and as good now as it was when it was first introduced. When it was first released in 1888, the features such as a full, solid

Using organic heirloom seeds to grow vegetables, fruits and herbs that can be used to make pickles in the fall guarantees great taste and the relief that comes with knowing exactly what you are eating. Home gardeners often create or pass down unique recipes to preserve their bounty and add texture and flavor to meals