Monthly Archive:: March 2013

Almost nowhere is the difference in flavor between hybrids and the homegrown flavor of heirloom seed more apparent than in melons. Watermelons are a popular summer treat with their sweet juicy taste, but as anyone who has purchased one at a store or roadside stand in the past few years knows, they vary greatly in

By Farmer John @ Sustainable Seed Co. There are hundreds of varieties of heirloom tomatoes as deliciously unique in their flavors as the people who saved them over the years.  Black tomatoes with their sweet and smoky flavors, cherries with their tart tangs, giant beefsteaks that drip with juice as you bite into a summer

Growing asparagus seeds in the garden can be an exasperating task as they can’t be harvested for the first two to three years, yet once the bed is established, they will continue growing practically forever. Anyone who has a secret wild patch where they can go harvest asparagus in the spring knows the joy of