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April 22, 2014 is Earth Day!  Start planning now to teach children about the importance of seed, where their food comes from and conservation of the Earth's resources.  Here is a pictorial instruction blog on a really successful and fun way of how to achieve this. What better way to teach children about Earth Day

Now that flower buds are popping on every branch and bright green grass is creeping into gray fields, I can start to picture a summer harvest coming from the dusty piles of dry seeds I'm cleaning.  As the farmers set to turning our crop plans into produce, one crop I expect will be favored by

Ordering and buying chicks is right around the corner for anyone who raises chickens for meat or to enjoy delicious farm fresh eggs. Having primarily raised Rhode Island Reds as layers, Cornish roosters and a mix of Banties, ducklings, and literally thousands of pheasants, I can tell you that replacing store bought feed with home-grown