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Ordering and buying chicks is right around the corner for anyone who raises chickens for meat or to enjoy delicious farm fresh eggs. Having primarily raised Rhode Island Reds as layers, Cornish roosters and a mix of Banties, ducklings, and literally thousands of pheasants, I can tell you that replacing store bought feed with home-grown

Organic seeds provide home gardeners with the opportunity to grow common fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers that have been used as home remedies for centuries. As the popularity of homeopathic treatments continuing to increase, so is the interest in organic home-grown produce. By enjoying a wide range of richly colored fruits and vegetables from the

Collecting and Saving Heirloom Tomato Seeds The variety of heirloom tomato seeds available for home gardeners has dramatically reduced since the early 1900s, although many have been preserved thanks to home gardeners who save seeds. Companies such as Sustainable Seed and seed banks have worked hard to preserve these treasures, collecting handfuls of seed, growing