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Intense Flavor from Heirloom Seeds There are many reasons to plant heirloom seeds in your garden, including their intense flavor, color and texture, but perhaps one of the most compelling is the ability to save seeds for the following year. These are varieties that have been saved and passed down through the generations, favored for

Summer may seem a long time off, but many types of seeds, including tomatoes, require an early start, and ensures their availability. Whether you plant a garden to feed your own family or to take produce to a local farmer’s market, a bountiful crop requires research and planning. Whether you live in an area blanketed

Reducing your energy and water usage is a smart way to help the environment. Even small, simple changes can have a big impact over time. Put Yours Lights on a Schedule If you like to leave lights on when you're away to make others think someone is home, put them on a timer. Keep holiday lights