Blue Tomato Wanderlust – The Buzz on the New Blue Tomato Seeds at Sustainable Seed Company

Blue tomato seeds are an item that is rapidly gaining in popularity with home gardeners. They provide a brilliant blue and purple hue in the garden patch that not only adds color but also nutrients. These tomatoes have been created using popular heirlooms so they retain the juicy flavor associated with home grown produce.

The anthocyanins that give blueberries, cranberries, chokecherries, cherries and blackberries their regal colors create these same variations within the blue tomato. Ph levels will result in slight color variations as they react with anthocyanins.

Plant breeding techniques have been combined with nature to create a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables. An example of this is the orange color found in most carrots. They were originally grown in a rainbow of colors, such as red, purple, black, yellow and white, yet today they are primarily orange. Mutant strains were crossed and crossed again to weed out the variations to develop the color we associate with them today. Breeding anthocyanins into vegetables is not original with the tomato; it has also been used in blue potatoes, red cabbage, red broccoli and corn. Tomatoes have wild relatives, not unlike some of us, that are a little more colorful than others. These wild cousins have been incorporated into blue tomato seed plant breeding.

The Sustainable Seed Company is planning to release more varieties of blue tomatoes in the coming months. Organic Blue Streak tomato seeds are the most recent addition to our collection of organic seeds and we continue to enjoy the juicy smoky flavor from this variety of cherry tomato.
Plant breeding has been a popular pastime of farmers and home gardeners for centuries. Selective breeding practices include choosing the hardiest and most vigorous plants for a particular climate or condition and continuing to use them for years while they continue to adapt. In this method, undesirable characteristics continue to decline. It can be used to further develop mutant strains, as shown in the adaptation of the mutated orange carrots.

There are numerous health benefits credited to the anthocyanins found in blue tomato seeds. Home gardeners enjoy knowing some of the reported health benefits of growing their own food. Anthocyanins are an antioxidant and according to a variety of sources, they are considered to offer the following advantages:
• The strong antioxidant effect provided by anthocyanins as found in blue tomatoes and other colorful fruits and vegetables protects against inflammation caused by histamines.
• Anthocyanin helps neutralize damaging enzymes which destroy and damage connective tissue in the body. They then go one step further and help to repair previous damage.
• They help decrease oxidized levels of LDL.
• Improve eyesight.
• Relax blood vessels.

In addition to these advantages, the blue tomato seeds Sustainable Seed Company recommends have met our standards, especially flavor. Experimenting with these colors is part of what makes home gardening enjoyable. Blue tomato seeds don’t have to replace long time favorites, but their flavor and color will make the garden and table interesting.