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Being a home gardener, I always wondered why my peppers cracked, but I never got around to looking it up until now.  Previously, I would just pick and eat them, since the cracking didn't seem to affect their quality.  However, since the question has come up here at Sustainable, I felt it was time to

Guord Painting With Jane of Jane's Country Creations Gourds are easy to grow, dry and decorate. Each gourd is unique and decorations can range from using shoe polish, clear lacquers, acrylic or metallic paint, wood burning, glue on stones or other materials, decoupage with fabric, the options are endless! You don't need any special tools

Tomatoes are a plant that gardeners frequently have questions about.  There are a few problems regularly experienced by many backyard gardeners that have simple solutions.  Here are a few of the most common problems with tomato plants and how to solve them. Problem:  My tomato plants are showing a ton of blossoms but no fruit