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Michelle Banks of Northeast Park Preschool in Florida came to our attention one day when she emailed us an utterly adorable picture of two of her students – eating carrots.  Normally that’s not so note-worthy, but, well Kyla and Calvin were so darned cute, AND they were eating carrots they planted – from seed! That

Hello all, I am so excited about this upcoming year! I am not usually one for resolutions but I decided that there are things that must be done, and learned, therefore a to-do list needed to be made. My gardening resolutions are a combination of demystifying certain areas of gardening as well as simply growing

Warmth and Gifts

Keep Those Plants Warm We are well into December which means Christmas and frosts, lots or rain, or for many, feet of snow. It also means you may have plants out in the yard that need a little protection from the winter weather. Here a few tips for keeping those trees, shrubs, or plants a