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I really like cleaning grains by hand.  Both the satisfying ruckus raised by the clanging of threshing chains against the sides of a five gallon bucket, and the meditative process of screening and winnowing away the chaff, as people have done for millennia.  The Bere barley I’m cleaning this morning is possibly the oldest grain

As spring approaches and things begin to warm up, it’s easy for any farmer or gardener to yearn for clear skies to stimulate some of the first real growth of the season. However, it is important to realize that despite recent rainfall much of the United States will be facing another drought year. But don’t

Trench planting seedlings grown from organic tomato seeds is an alternative technique that works well for people with hard or rocky soil. It also allows the plants to be placed in the ground sooner as the shallow soil heats up more quickly toward the surface. The possible drawbacks include soil that dries out too quickly