Heirloom Organic Seeds Archive

Organic seeds that have been started for transplanting into straw bales or hay bales has become a popular gardening method. Two advantages for gardeners with poor soil conditions include a medium that will break down and improve the soil to some degree, as well as providing nutrients to the plants while they grow. Loose hay

Blue tomato seeds are an item that is rapidly gaining in popularity with home gardeners. They provide a brilliant blue and purple hue in the garden patch that not only adds color but also nutrients. These tomatoes have been created using popular heirlooms so they retain the juicy flavor associated with home grown produce. The

With the cool spring most of the country is experiencing this year, gardeners still have time to order and plant organic heirloom spinach seeds. If you hurry you can still get luscious green salads from nutritious spinach, plus enough to freeze for the coming year. This crisp dark green vegetable packs a powerhouse of vitamins