Heirloom Organic Seeds Archive

Planting your own organic seed garlic provides a year round supply that can be sustainably grown year after year. They are available in groups that are suitable for planting based on heat, winter conditions and length of the growing season. The type of organic seed garlic that has spread throughout the world from its supposed

Organic seed gardening in urban areas may require choosing varieties that grow compact plants, or that can be grown in areas that don’t receive full sun. Apartment dwellers will require containers and possibly a different plant selection than people who live in houses with yards. Many apartments have balconies and expansive windows that allow adequate

Eating popcorn is practically a national pastime, and the Dynamite popcorn seeds will produce high yields. There are other heirloom and organic popcorn seed varieties available, each with their own attributes. Imagine the fun kids will have growing black or red kernels to pop into fluffy popcorn. Dynamite popcorn seeds grow large ears and feature