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The latest blue tomato variety to create a storm in home gardens is the Organic Blue Streak tomato. It was developed by independent plant breeder Tom Wagner, who has experimented with creative colors in the garden for decades. This is one of 7 varieties that will be offered through Sustainable Seed Company this year. We

It’s commonly believed that the cultivation of hot pepper began in the area around Bolivia. The history of their travels varies, as their use has been dated in India prior to their discovery by Columbus. This did lead however to their discovery or rediscovery and the hot pepper, so named because of its taste qualities

Almost nowhere is the difference in flavor between hybrids and the homegrown flavor of heirloom seed more apparent than in melons. Watermelons are a popular summer treat with their sweet juicy taste, but as anyone who has purchased one at a store or roadside stand in the past few years knows, they vary greatly in