Heirloom Organic Seeds Archive

Gardening with heirloom seeds is one of the most enjoying and rewarding hobbies you can take up. When you grow your own vegetables, you get garden fresh produce picked fully ripe; produce from the store is picked green and ripened with chemicals. Homegrown vegetables are much healthier for you both because they are ripened naturally

Each season, we face the dilemma of which seed to produce and what has to wait for another year.  Our seed bank is full of interesting cultivars with mouthwatering names and great histories that we want to keep in (or restore to) commercial production.  We are growing over 350 cultivars on the farm this year,

Last week I made a spelt-spaghetti version of this salad, which I shared with Ellen, our Bulk Seed Specialist.  It was her suggestion that I share this recipe with our readers, gearing it toward soba noodles in connection with Leyla's blog on buckwheat. Feel free to experiment with the vegetables used (fennel can be tasty,