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Fresh Start Youth Farm

Located at the Butte County, Oroville offices is a one acre farm that opened just one year ago under the "Fresh Start Youth Farm" program. Here, high school students have the opportunity to learn hands on gardening, irrigation methods and more. Some of the students gave Sustainable Seed Company the grand tour and were so

GRUB Chico

Welcome to GRUB Education Program, GRUB Grown Nursery and Farm and Heartseed Farm located at 1525 Dayton Road in Chico, CA. where Sustainable Seed Company joined GRUB Education Program for a visit with Parkside School. Co-Director Sherri Scott (of GRUB Education Program) hands out bean seedlings to the kids of Parkside School. They planted the

Located at 435 W. 16th Street Chico, CA open Wednesdays 3pm-7pm all year! This wonderful 2.5 acre community farm and farmers market is sponsored by the Jesus Center and run with nearly all volunteer workers. Our new friend Jim Mathys is the director of the program and Sustainable Seed Company was happy to share a