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Recipe: Sweet Red Bell Pepper Sauce

This sweet red bell pepper sauce makes an excellent topping to a veggie stir fry, roasted chicken, our fish.  It even makes for a nice pizza topping or sauce Plus, they're easy to make! RECIPE Ingredients: 1/2 cup butter 4 cups yellow onion, cut into chunks 2 TBSP chopped sage 4 red bell peppers, chopped, seeded,

Watermelon Rind and Jalapeño Pickles

Linda Ly, Creator of this recipe and author of CSA Cookbook writes "I’ve always found it strange that we devour a watermelon right up to the white rind, but leave the rest of it uneaten. The rind might not be as sweet as the flesh, but it’s reminiscent of a melon crossed with cucumber: fresh,

Easy Garlic & Ginger Green Beans

Green beans are a delicious summer treat.  They also an easy spring or summer crop that are excellent for your soil. While there is a lot of quick and simple recipes to spice them up and enhance their flavor.  Try this simple garlic and ginger green bean recipe for a hearty yet refreshing summer side