Seed Saving Archive

Each season, we face the dilemma of which seed to produce and what has to wait for another year.  Our seed bank is full of interesting cultivars with mouthwatering names and great histories that we want to keep in (or restore to) commercial production.  We are growing over 350 cultivars on the farm this year,

Collecting and Saving Heirloom Tomato Seeds The variety of heirloom tomato seeds available for home gardeners has dramatically reduced since the early 1900s, although many have been preserved thanks to home gardeners who save seeds. Companies such as Sustainable Seed and seed banks have worked hard to preserve these treasures, collecting handfuls of seed, growing

Planting organic cabbage seeds will grow heads that can vary in size up to 8 pounds depending on variety and growing conditions. They can be used in salads, cooked with meals, made into sauerkraut, or stored for several months. Colors vary from pale green to dark green and deep reds. While it is considered a