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Corn Planting Guide

Planting corn seeds:  Where most people go wrong is planting corn too early.  Corn is a heat loving plant. Plant corn outside when soil temperatures are consistently 70 to 80 degrees.  If you really want to get a head start on corn you can plant it in greenhouse for transplant.  If planted in greenhouse be

Squash Planting Guide

Planting squash seeds:  Squash plants sometimes have a hard time being transplanted, it is for this reason that many sow their squash seeds directly.  For both summer and winter squash plant seeds at a depth of 1 inch when soil temperatures have reached at least 70 degrees.   Plant 3-6 seeds per space and when

Broccoli Planting Guide

When to plant broccoli: For spring planting, plant broccoli seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before your last frost date.  For fall planting, sow seeds indoors 2-3 months before your first frost date.   Transplant them when they are at least 3 inches tall and plant them about 1 inch deeper than they were in pots. Broccoli spacing: Sow