Dynamite Popcorn Seeds, Organic and Heirloom Popcorn Varieties

Eating popcorn is practically a national pastime, and the Dynamite popcorn seeds will produce high yields. There are other heirloom and organic popcorn seed varieties available, each with their own attributes. Imagine the fun kids will have growing black or red kernels to pop into fluffy popcorn. Dynamite popcorn seeds grow large ears and feature a buttery taste.

Organic popcorn seeds, just as with all corn, should not be planted in the soil too early or they will rot. Due to the length of the growing season, some gardeners start the plants indoors for transplanting. The seeds shouldn’t be planted until temperatures reach 65 degrees and all chance of frost has passed. Seedlings can be transplanted up to 6 inches tall, however take care not to disturb the roots when doing so. While corn requires space between rows, planting 2 seeds or seedlings together provides support for growing plants. This is particularly helpful in windy areas.

All types of heirloom popcorn seeds, just as with any other variety, are considered heavy feeders. Rotating crops and using natural fertilizers will help improve results. They require nitrogen to produce good yields. Planting fava beans a few weeks prior to the corn will help provide this important nutrient. Alfalfa is another crop alternative that reintroduces nitrogen to the soil to create higher popcorn yields.

The following organic popcorn seeds and heirloom popcorn seeds can be planted in the garden to grow your own seed for next year, but perhaps more importantly, to pop and enjoy throughout the winter.

• Dynamite Popcorn Seeds – This heirloom popcorn seed is also known as South American Yellow and has been used commercially. It produces large fluffy popcorn when dried. The plants grow approximately 6 foot tall and produce two ears apiece. Each slender ear will be approximately 7 inches long and feature 12-16 rows of yellowish-orange kernels. It is a popular variety with home gardeners, and has been planted since at least 1955 and has a 100-115 day growing season. dynamite popcorn seeds

Organic Strawberry Popcorn Seeds – Ruby-red kernels grow on the ears of this little treat that grows two ears to the plant. The plants are smaller than some types, averaging 4 feet high. Although the kernels are red, the popcorn is a white variety. It features a 103-day growing season. strawberry popcorn seeds

Organic Dakota Black Popcorn – This variety of organic popcorn seeds will develop purplish-black kernels that pop well. The plants grow 6 feet tall and produce one ear per stalk. It requires one of the shortest growing seasons at only 90 days. organic dakota black popcorn seeds

Planting and harvesting colorful organic popcorn seeds is a fun project for kids and adults alike. They will enjoy watching the plants, and the unique colors are different than what they have learned to expect.

For the best results, plant different varieties of corn and organic popcorn seeds apart from one another in the garden. Plant the rows 2-3 feet apart and the seeds 4-6 inches apart, or according to package directions. They may be thinned if necessary, however since the plants grow tall, they help support one another. Although many people remove suckers they may help increase the yield.

Organic popcorn seeds including Dynamite popcorn needs to be dried to between 12% and 14% moisture content before it will transform into fluffy popcorn. It should be left on the stalk and cob as long as possible, however when rain or snow is looming it can be brought indoors. Humidity levels vary a great deal, so there is no way to accurately predict how long drying will take. Testing a few kernels periodically to see how well they pop is the best way to determine if they are at the right moisture content. You won’t want it too moist or too dry, so test it periodically. When it provides the right pop, remove the kernels and seal them in glass jars.

If you don’t have the patience to wait, organic popcorn seeds can be dried in a shallow pan and baked at the lowest temperature in the oven, stirring and testing it regularly. It may take one or more hours to dry. Remove the kernels from the cob and place them in a shallow layer, stirring occasionally. This may lessen the germination rate for the following year though, so save some seed before doing so. Plant plenty so you can enjoy fluffy garden produce from Dynamite popcorn seeds and organic popcorn seeds throughout the year.