Excellent Heirloom Paste Tomatoes

These are the tomatoes you want to grow this year for sauce, paste and picante.  Now is the time to get your seed for these delicious rare heirlooms and start planning how many jars you are going to can!

 Heirloom Tomato seedsWuhib

Seeds originally from an open market in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.   Wuhib is a paste tomato that produces late and all at once.  Like any good paste tomato, it has thick skin and less juice to cook off.  Tastes sweet initially, it finishes smooth on the back of the palate.  Wuhib grows 18-22 inches tall and 2-3 feet wide in a distinct bush-like habit.  Excellent for soups and sauces.



Amish Paste Tomato SeedsAmish Paste

Indeterminate. Amish paste made its way out of the Amish territory in Lancaster, Pennsylvania many years ago and is now enjoyed by many around the world.  This paste tomato produces a bright red, large, 8-12 ounce fruit that is juicy and meaty.  Amish paste makes one of the absolute best sweet, creamy and tomatoey flavors you have ever tasted.  Perfect for sauces, tomato soups or even ketchup.  Amish Paste tomato is listed with Slow Foods Ark of Taste.


Chico III tomato seedsChico III

Determinate.  Produces excellent sauce tomatoes that are about 3-4 oz. plum-shaped fruits.  Short plants will be LOADED with fruit. A canners dream as the fruits all set about the same time.  Chico III is great for sauces as well as paste.  Excellent hot-weather producer for those who have tomatoes stop producing in the intense summer heat.  Good for salads too - with an excellent “traditional” tomato flavor!  Chico III is the tomato we plant at Sustainable Seed Co. when we want to make paste.  Nothing beats it for productivity!  If you can tomatoes for sauce or paste you owe it to yourself to try Chico III Tomato.  Chico III is tolerant to VFF