Organic Blue Streak Tomato Seeds – Grow Blue Cherry Tomatoes

The latest blue tomato variety to create a storm in home gardens is the Organic Blue Streak tomato. It was developed by independent plant breeder Tom Wagner, who has experimented with creative colors in the garden for decades. This is one of 7 varieties that will be offered through Sustainable Seed Company this year. We cultivate these using organic methods at our sustainable farm, to ensure the seeds of this and all of our certified organics meet the quality our customers deserve. We think you will love the color and flavor of organic Blue Streak tomatoes as much as we do.

The Organic Blue Streak tomato is grown as a cherry tomato with a smoky taste that is BlueStreakLGperfect for complementing salads. This tomato features lots of flavor in a small package. Improve the flavor of this and all tomatoes by providing adequate moisture, but not over-watering. Organic fertilizers such as worm castings, kelp and compost will help provide nutrients to the soil. Mulching around the base of these and other plants helps keep the moisture in rather than allowing it to evaporate.

Blue Streak tomato seeds create rich and vibrant colors that will add color to the garden and plant. The low-acid fruit is a delicious accompaniment to meals. The seeds are still in production and only a limited quantity will be available this year, so order early. Reports from test gardens indicate this variety is a prolific producer.

A mix of vitamins and anthocyanins create the blue hue found in blue tomatoes as well as blackberries and blueberries. They provide antioxidants which are considered useful in fighting off diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease and cancers.
Organic Blue Streak tomato seeds offer the home gardener the opportunity to try a new addition this year. They are the perfect way to add color and flavor to the garden. Anyone who has grown Green Zebra seeds is familiar with Wagner’s work and will enjoy planting this latest addition. Depending on how long it ripens, the fruit will start off green, and then change into its vibrant pigments of blue and purple. When they are fully ripened, a red body will develop, while the Organic Blue Streak tomato shoulders remain purple.

We recommend ordering and starting Organic Blue Streak Tomato seeds early to ensure their availability. We also suggest using organic fertilizers and compost as well as mulching. The Organic Blue Streak Tomato seeds will create gems of color and flavor for cherry tomato lovers.