Organic Treatments for Catfacing and Common Tomato Problems

There are many problems that can show up in the tomato seedlings you have lovingly grown after transplanting them outdoors. Organic heirloom tomato seeds should be chosen carefully based on your local climate conditions as some are more resistant than others to a particular disease or problem. The following tips should also be helpful and be sure to use only organic treatments to ensure your food supply remains safe.

• Catfacing can be caused by cool weather which affects how the pistil develops and can create cracks and scars. While it isn’t an actual disease, the cracks can create problems including causing it to spoil sooner and allowing bugs an opening to the interior of the fruit. By waiting to transplant tomatoes a week or two the cool weather can often be avoided. Carefully covering them with a blanket on cold nights may help as well. This tends to be more of a problem in large tomatoes than smaller ones. Kosovo Tomato Seeds are well acclimated to cool nights and grow hearty 1-2 pound fruit.kosovo tomato seeds
• Cracking can be caused by drought that is followed by rain. Providing the tomato plants with a reliable supply of water during dry seasons helps to eliminate the problem.
• Blossom drop can be caused by nights that are too cool or too hot. Night time temperatures that fall between 55 – 75 provide the best conditions, with both lower and cooler causing them to fall off. It is best to choose a variety that is resistant to blossom drop if unpredictable weather is a problem in your area. Benewah Tomato Seeds are a good choice for areas with cool nights.
• Leaf roll can be caused by over pruning tomato plants, although it may also occur from new growth. It won’t cause any problems, unless the leaves are dry or brittle which may indicate a lack of moisture. Green Brooks Tomato Seeds grow uniform medium to large fruit on disease resistant vines green brooks tomato seeds
• Fusarium and Verticillium are caused by fungus that lives in the soil. Choose plants that state resistance, and rotate plants annually. It causes them to die and there is not a good treatment method. Tomatoes shouldn’t be replanted where it has occurred for 3-4 years.
• Tobacco mosaic virus can be spread with contact from tobacco products. Thorough handwashing after smoking or touching tobacco products can help control the spread of this disease in the garden.
• Sunscald can be prevented by allowing foliage to protect the fruit in areas with hot direct sun. Abe Lincoln Tomato seeds provide great flavor with disease resistance and grow well in a variety of climates. abe lincoln tomato seeds
• Blossom end rot can be controlled with calcium applications if caught right away.

By keeping organic heirloom tomato seed started plants as healthy as possible they will be able to resist many of these problems. If any of these occur regularly in the garden, carefully choose resistant organic tomato seed varieties. Maintaining moisture content in the soil can be enhanced with natural mulches and composts. These will continue to break down and provide nutrients to the plants. There are hundreds of varieties of organic heirloom tomatoes to choose from, the suggestions above may not work in your area, but there are other choices that will.