Plant Colorful Carrots This Spring! Years before being tamed into their orange coats, the wild carrot flourished in colors of purple, red, yellow and white. They were found in countries such as Afghanistan, Iran and China, basically thriving throughout Europe and parts of Asia at least 5,000 years ago. It is believed the Egyptians, Greeks

Natural pest treatments can be made at home from produce you have grown from organic seeds. They provide an easy eat/treat, with discarded onion and garlic tops providing the basis for teas that can be sprayed on, or simply be mashed and placed back in the soil around other plants to drive away insects. This

Heirloom Sweet Meat Squash

With the wildflowers and trees blossoming around us and the smell of spring fills the air, I am excited about summer and all it brings. Excited for fresh tomatoes, grilled zucchini and wonderful salads.  As always, I will be planting lots of winter squash and pumpkin in my garden. They are wonderful additions to many