Today we m eet December 1st. Where I am located it is sunny. A brisk north wind passes through intermittently, sending bright yellow leaves flying this way and that like children playing tag. It is a normal winter day, which I am thankful for. Here in the Northern Valley of California our winters have not

It is such a wonderful time of year. It is time to light fires and fill your house with the smell of mulled cider heating on the stove. It is the season for soups and savory pies, chowders and stews. It is one of my favorite times of year because it is time to nest,

5 Seed Storage Tips

  One of the most common questions I get from customers is, “what is the best way to store my seed?”  Now that most people’s planting seasons are largely coming to a close, here are five tips for storing your seed well and maintaining its viability until next season: Number 1 If you are saving