Squash seeds tend to grow into large sprawling plants that cover every bare spot within several feet of where they are planted. Pumpkins, gourds, summer squash and winter squash all come under this family of plants that is broken down into four groups. They tend to be abundant producers and most varieties are easily stored

Planting organic cabbage seeds will grow heads that can vary in size up to 8 pounds depending on variety and growing conditions. They can be used in salads, cooked with meals, made into sauerkraut, or stored for several months. Colors vary from pale green to dark green and deep reds. While it is considered a

Organic seeds that have been started for transplanting into straw bales or hay bales has become a popular gardening method. Two advantages for gardeners with poor soil conditions include a medium that will break down and improve the soil to some degree, as well as providing nutrients to the plants while they grow. Loose hay