Reducing your energy and water usage is a smart way to help the environment. Even small, simple changes can have a big impact over time. Put Yours Lights on a Schedule If you like to leave lights on when you're away to make others think someone is home, put them on a timer. Keep holiday lights

Heirloom eggplant seeds produce not only the commonly used purple varieties, but also white, orange, and green as well as purple gradients. The plant is known to have been cultivated since at least 544 in China and before then on the Indian subcontinent. From there, Arab traders carried it to the Mediterranean where it became

There are many problems that can show up in the tomato seedlings you have lovingly grown after transplanting them outdoors. Organic heirloom tomato seeds should be chosen carefully based on your local climate conditions as some are more resistant than others to a particular disease or problem. The following tips should also be helpful and