Ham and Purple Potato Shepherd’s Pie

I am a sucker for savory pie. I think there is something ancestral in it – we have been eating pie since the days of the Ancient Egyptians and Romans, according to the American Pie Council (Yep! That’s a real organization). Pies make so much sense. If you have an abundance of food, too little

  It’s almost Halloween, which means the squash are about to be harvested, or for some, have already been cut and are beginning to cure. It also means it’s time to start thinking about what to do the with Fall excess now that the summer excess has been given away, canned, frozen, and preserved every


Rye is a cold hardy ancient grain. Its roots are traced to Southwest Asia and may have been used since 1500-1800 bc.  It is a low gluten flour and has largely been used for hardy, dense breads and porridges. It’s been considered a low quality grain and was thought inferior by the upper classes of