One the of most frequently asked questions here at Sustainable Seed Co is what variety of lettuce can be grown in hot temperatures. At our location in Northern California it is not uncommon for our little town to reach triple digits. With temps like that we have to be especially knowledgeable about heat tolerant varieties

A Fruitful Summer

A few years ago I did some work in a couple different countries on organic farms through a site called WWOOF which is an acronym for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. The international program provides a list of hosts who will give you room and board for working on their large farms, small plots, and/or

Planting Parsnips

Growing Parsnips… Parsnips are wonderful, albeit a bit strange for some! They are such an excellent addition to any winter stew, roasted vegetable medley, or baked fries. If you aren’t too keen on starch, they are a great substitute for potatoes.  Oh, and parsnip cream soup on a cold day! Let us start at the