Growing eggplant from seed is easier than you might think!  Here's our quick guide to planting eggplant. Eggplants are a tropical plant and like a warm temperature. To start the seeds soak them overnight and start them indoors.  You can start them as early as 8-10 weeks before the last frost if you want to

Chard Stalk Hummus Recipe

We are loving the new CSA cookbook which was released in March, and are exited to share a few recipes with you!  This Chard Stalk hummus is delicious and a great use of your chard stalks! Creator of this recipe and author of The CSA Cookbook, Linda Ly states, "After Kale Stem Pesto [featured in

Saving Money and Water by Planting Seeds With California is in a fourth year of drought, water mandates including water over usage fees are prospected to take place within the year. As more than half of the nation’s fruits, nuts, and vegetables come out of California, this no doubt means an increase in food costs