Grain Education 101: Amaranth

Fall is arriving, perhaps even a bit early in some places, and with it the inevitable questions about what crops can be overwintered, be they vegetable, grain, or cover crop. In attempting to answer questions regarding when to plant which cereal crop, one question led to another. There is so much to know about grains,

Too Many Tomatoes?

It’s been tomato season for about two to three months now and though the end may be in site as fall moves in, plants are still flushing. In some areas maybe your plants are flushing but are no longer turning red and remain a nice shade of green. Here are a few ideas of what to

We Have Garlic!

It is September and very slowly we are inching toward shorter days and longer nights. By the end of this month and into October it will be time to start cleaning up what remains of the summer garden. The tomato trellises will need taken down, and if you grew them your pumpkins will need to