As the summer season is very slowly coming to a close, here at Sustainable Seed we have begun to see an increase in home gardeners being interested in, and purchasing, small amounts of cover crop. This is fantastic! As we find ourselves in an age when our resources are being depleted and water shortages are

Stuffed Onions

I just thought I would share this great recipe before the weekend kicks off. It is almost time to plant some alliums for overwintering, but they are also available in abundance at your local Farmers Market or grocery store. I first found this recipe in an Irish cookbook and have tweaked it a little over

Raw Zucc Salad

I can't believe we are moving into August. Where did the summer go? And where should all those blown out (that's farm slang for WAY too big) zuccs go? Into a pasta of course. But not just in a pasta, they should be the pasta. I have had these zucc noodles a couple of times