Planting Herb Seeds in the Garden

Plant herb seeds in the garden in an area where they can reseed and continue growing without disruption. Placing them slightly away from the rest of the garden will reduce weeding issues. Many types of herbs develop heads and reseed themselves without any or very much effort on your part, although some of the heads should still be picked and saved for seed for the following year, or shared with friends. Herb seeds can be grown on the windowsill, a sunny counter or placed in pots on the patio that can also be brought indoors during colder seasons.
Lemon Balm
Try planting different varieties of herb seeds to grow plants that are commonly used in cooking. Other popular uses include creating fragrant soaps, sachets, dried arrangements and use in traditional herbal medicine. Some varieties transplant, but most will do well planted directly into the garden after the last frost. Herbs on the whole prefer well-drained soil and lots of sun.

  • Dill is a widely used herb that is popular in pickling and salads. An entire head can be placed in pickles or the seeds can be shaken off for use in potato salads. An extra attraction of planting Dill Bouquet Herb Seeds is that they attract butterflies to the garden.
  • Fennel is a popular addition to dishes, including the addition of 1-2 tablespoons of fennel seed to spaghetti sauce. It too attracts butterflies and other insects that are drawn to its nectar. Florence fennel bulbs can be grown and eaten as a vegetable.
  •  Oregano herb seed grows into the plant that is popular in many recipes, where the leaves add an aromatic flavor that is popular in many Italian dishes and Greek salads. The plant is attractive too with purplish flowers and bright green leaves that attract pollinators to the garden.
  • Lemon Balm may sound difficult to grow, but once established it’s a breeze and may never need another helping hand. The instructions include a 2-week cold spell and lots of light to get this plant started. It’s popular for relieving stress and has been used since the Middle Ages.
  • Vera lavender seeds will produce shrubs that are popular for their sensational aroma and herbal medicine. They require good drainage, sun and do best in areas that are not very humid. This plant creates a vivid purple flower that simply smells amazing. Plant it near a bedroom window to fall asleep to the sweet fragrance. Lavender Seed

Be sure and look at all the varieties of herb seeds that can be planted in the garden. They are simply amazing and perfect for a poor soil conditions or a first time gardener who has little experience. Most require very little care once planted and will continue to reseed and produce for years. Adequate quantities of herb seeds should be harvested though for replanting as well as for use in the kitchen.