Seeds Make Great Stocking Stuffers

In this day and age when people give frivolous gifts that are get forgotten within weeks, I challenge you to think about giving the gift of life.  Give somebody the gift of seed!  We tend to forget that seeds are living things even while they are quietly sleeping in those seed packages.  All it takes is a little soil, water and light.  Life springs forth and the potential of a bountiful harvest begins.  Seed packets as stocking stuffers

We forget that all of our food starts with tiny seeds.  What we eat and depend on for our nutritional needs has a humble beginning tucked away in the soil.  A tomato is not a tomato until a seed is planted and up rises the plant that will bring us bright red delicious fruits to grace our salads and sandwiches.

So, I challenge you this Christmas to give the gift of life, the joy of gardening, and the health benefits of good nutrition.  Give those you love the ability to feed themselves wholesome organic food.  Give them seed!