Sustainable Seed Companies Latest Heirloom Tomato – 1888 Burpee’s Matchless Tomato Seeds

The Sustainable Seed Company has just released the 1888 Burpee’s Matchless Tomato seeds for all home gardeners to enjoy. This is a real heirloom tomato seed, 125 years old burpee matchless tomatoand as good now as it was when it was first introduced. When it was first released in 1888, the features such as a full, solid flesh, and ability to keep up to two weeks, were part of what made this strain so popular. These advantages hold true today as gardeners return to heirloom tomato seeds. The intense flavor and juicy freshness of an 1888 Burpee’s Matchless Tomato picked straight from the vine is amazing. People who are new to heirloom gardening notice the difference in flavor immediately, especially if they have only experienced lackluster tomatoes grown from hybrids or from store shelves. The unique flavor of this tomato tantalizes the taste buds with a sweet juicy taste. It’s a perfect for people who aren’t fond of acidic tomatoes.
The plant is a determinate variety, with rugose leaves and as stated in the original ad, the foliage will continue to grow until frost. This is a large, uniform tomato that resists cracking, even in wet weather. This resistance helps keep them from spoiling in the garden, as well as after they have been picked. It also improves canning ease and quality.

When Burpee’s first introduced the 1888 Matchless Tomato they proclaimed that it was the tomato they would chose if allowed only one. Originally the company promoted its attractiveness and uniformity and the fact that were a good tomato for marketing. A unique feature of this heirloom tomato seed variety is the ability to deliver even sized fruit throughout its harvest, unlike the strains that tend to get smaller as the season progresses. Determinate varieties tend to set and produce in a shorter time period than indeterminate types, and many gardeners like to start two sets of seeds approximately 2-3 weeks apart. As with all heirloom tomato seeds, Matchless Tomatoes should be planted early and transplanted to the garden after the last frost of the season.

Matchless is an excellent producer, with large 6-8 ounce tomatoes shaped in a flattened BurpeesMatchlessglobe. They tend to grow in clusters of 2-4 fruit in a group. It boasts uniformity and great flavor, which of course is one of the most important features when choosing a tomato to plant. Their juicy, slightly sweet flavor is mildly acidic, making them perfect for slicing and enjoying right off the vine.

Sustainable Seed Company is pleased to release 1888 Burpee’s Matchless Tomato seeds and encourages gardeners to order them as soon as possible. They need an early start to be ready for transplanting into the garden as soon as weather allows. Home gardeners will enjoy the opportunity to experience their unparalleled sweet, juicy flavor.