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Using organic heirloom seeds to grow vegetables, fruits and herbs that can be used to make pickles in the fall guarantees great taste and the relief that comes with knowing exactly what you are eating. Home gardeners often create or pass down unique recipes to preserve their bounty and add texture and flavor to meals

Growing asparagus seeds in the garden can be an exasperating task as they can’t be harvested for the first two to three years, yet once the bed is established, they will continue growing practically forever. Anyone who has a secret wild patch where they can go harvest asparagus in the spring knows the joy of

Only a few days remain to get your entry in for the Pin it to Win it Contest, it ends March 15th, 2013. Win seeds to create your own dream garden by posting pictures of your favorites. The rules are easy, but don't forget to read through them and submit your pin! Good luck!