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Varieties of heirloom artichoke seeds have been cultivated in Sicily during the time of the ancient Greeks and in Naples since at least the ninth century. They originated in North Africa and are members of the thistle family and related to the South Mediterranean cardoon. While they remained popular these regions, they did not spread

Many lessons can be taught and learned when practicing certified organic seed gardening with children, including a deep appreciation for nature. One of the biggest problems for parents of young children is that they like to put everything into their mouths. Washing their hands and checking what they are eating is a constant chore for

Regardless of location, February brings a desire to start working on garden ideas and planting heirloom seeds in preparation for warmer months. Dreams of a bountiful harvest and experimenting with new varieties and ideas can carry the gardener through long winter evenings. Garden planning, including which heirloom seeds to plant can begin taking shape today!