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Organic seed gardening in urban areas may require choosing varieties that grow compact plants, or that can be grown in areas that don’t receive full sun. Apartment dwellers will require containers and possibly a different plant selection than people who live in houses with yards. Many apartments have balconies and expansive windows that allow adequate

Blue tomato seeds are an item that is rapidly gaining in popularity with home gardeners. They provide a brilliant blue and purple hue in the garden patch that not only adds color but also nutrients. These tomatoes have been created using popular heirlooms so they retain the juicy flavor associated with home grown produce. The

The Sustainable Seed Company has just released the 1888 Burpee’s Matchless Tomato seeds for all home gardeners to enjoy. This is a real heirloom tomato seed, 125 years old and as good now as it was when it was first introduced. When it was first released in 1888, the features such as a full, solid