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Garden Seed Inventory, Sixth Edition

An Inventory of Seed Catalogs Listing All Nonhybrid Vegetable Seeds Available in the United States and Canada

by Seed Savers Exchange


Garden Seed Inventory is an essential reference for all serious vegetable growers who care about seeds and preserving our common garden heritage. This comprehensive "catalog of catalogs" is now available in an updated sixth edition, and lists nearly 8,500 nonhybrid varieties of everything from amaranth to zucchini.

As traditional plant breeding gives way to bioengineering and patented varieties, it has become even more important to recognize and preserve our rich vegetable legacy: seeds brought to this country by immigrants from every corner of the world, or developed here by farmers and breeders for superior taste, regional adaptability, disease resistance, and other virtues. Far from being obsolete or inferior, these varieties represent the cream of our vegetable crops. Garden Seed Inventory opens the door and invites us all to discover them.


About the Author

Seed Savers Exchange

Seed Savers Exchange is a nonprofit organization committed to saving heirloom garden seeds from extinction. Founded in 1975 by Kent and Diane Whealy, SSE now has nearly 8,000 members around the world.

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