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How to Grow Winter Vegetables


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How to Grow Winter Vegetables

by Charles Dowding


Winter and early spring require a different kind of gardening than the summer months: not a lot grows at this time, but a well-planned plot may nonetheless be quite full.

This book explains how to have plenty of vegetables to eat during the winter months, both stored and fresh. Through winter, soil is cool and transforms the plot into a large outdoor larder where many vegetables keep healthy and alive, ready for harvesting when needed.

• How to grow your own food for the ‘hungry gap’ from April to June.
• How to store food for eating in winter.
• Includes a monthly sowing, planting, and growing calendar.
• Harvesting advice, from garlic in July to spring cabbage and pea shoots in May.
• Stunning photographs from the author’s garden.

About the Author

Charles Dowding

Charles Dowding has grown vegetables and salads organically for more than 25 years in Somerset, England, using surface composting methods. He started growing vegetables commercially in 1982 with one of the first vegetable-box schemes, and is currently farming an acre, selling about 200 salad bags of different sizes every week. He has written about surface composting in his book Organic Gardening: The Natural No-Dig Way.

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