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Keeping the Harvest


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Keeping the Harvest

Discover the Homegrown Goodness of Putting Up Your Own Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs

Over 200,000 copies in print!  Revised and updated to meet the USDA guidelines.

Paperback , 208 pages
ISBN: 9780882666501 (0882666509)
Published by Storey Publishing

In all my years I don't think I've seen a book so complete on so many different types of food storage methods.  Exhaustive diagrams, charts and tables of every kind!  Keep The Harvest covers:
  • How much to plant with garden planning chart showing variety and yield.  
  • Nutritional Effects of Storing Food
  • Freezing; what to freeze, how to, packaging, labeling, containers, flash freezing, yield conversion fresh to frozen chart, blanching, and microwave blanching.
  • Canning; equipment, water bath canning, step by step, yield conversion fresh to canned, pressure canning, and timetables.
  • Jams and Jellies; equipment needed, preparations, reduced sugar, trouble shooting, and recipes.
  • Pickles and Relishes; equipment, processing, handling, and recipes.
  • Drying; homemade dryers, drying fruit/vegetables, sulfuring, fruit leathers, drying herbs, and microwave drying herbs.
  • Common storage methods and Grains; root cellars, building a root cellar, storage containers, outdoor storage, storing grains, and sprouting seeds for food. 
  • Part Two; very detailed instructions, specific vegetables and fruits, and best methods.  Over 40 pages.
  • Fruits and Berries; tips for canning, yield fresh to canned, syrups, and fruit juices of many types.
  • Part III; exhaustive list of charts and conversions to make it a breeze.
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