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Organic Gardening


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Organic Gardening

The Natural No-Dig Way

BY Charles Dowding


Based on his experience of a system of permanent slightly-raised beds, author Charles Dowding takes you through a delicious variety of fruit and vegetables: what to choose, when to plant and harvest, and how best to avoid pests and diseases. Organic Gardening includes recipes to inspire you to culinary heights with your fresh-picked produce.

Dowding shares his philosophy, tips, and techniques that have enabled him to run a successful organic garden that has supplied local restaurants and shops for 25 years. Encouraging readers to forget the rules, Dowding suggests gardeners will better understand what is going on in your soil, plants, garden, and climate when you develop your own methods of gardening. Most radically, Dowding illustrates a method for ensuring that you never need to till your soil again, instead relying upon the natural balance that comes with respecting life, spreading good compost, and allowing worms to play a key role in your maintenance.

About the Author

Charles Dowding

Charles Dowding has grown vegetables and salads organically for more than 25 years in Somerset, England, using surface composting methods. He started growing vegetables commercially in 1982 with one of the first vegetable-box schemes, and is currently farming an acre, selling about 200 salad bags of different sizes every week.

"You know I get in trouble with the staff sometimes for telling it how I see it.  They ask me why I would offer a book for sale if I didn't like it?  Well, that is just the point!  It is my opinion.  You may feel different and like the book.   However, I do not care for this book.  The author is English and much of his advice is perfect for that local, but not real applicable here in the US.  The book is scattered and really doesn't deeply cover any particular topic very well in my opinion.  Farmer John gives it two thumbs down!" 

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