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The Gardener's Bug Book


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The Gardener's Bug Book

Earth-Safe Insect Control

Beneficial insects, Formulas for organic control, Over 70 common insect pests

Paperback , 160 pages

ISBN: 9780882666099 (0882666096)
Published by Storey Publishing

About The Gardener's Bug Book

This completely revised and updated garden guide shows how to identify and control more than 70 common garden insects using the best homemade and commercial control strategies.

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About Barbara Pleasant

Barbara Pleasant has written five books for Storey, including the Garden Writer's Association 2003 Garden Globe Award of Achievement winner, Garden Stone. She lives in Virginia.



Farmers John's Review

Very cool book in an easy to read format.  I learned a lot, like did you know that Hover Flies (those flies that you see hovering in the sun) lay eggs in aphids and their young feed on them!  How about Fireflies...did you know that their larva eat slug and grasshopper eggs! 



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