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The Kitchen Gardener's Handbook


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The Kitchen Gardener's Handbook

Paperback , 224 pages
ISBN: 9780881929560 (0881929565)
Published by Timber Press

about The Kitchen Gardener's Handbook

No longer content with separating the plants they grow to eat and the plants they grow for beauty, gardeners are discovering the pleasures of incorporating both edibles and ornamentals into their home landscapes.

The Kitchen Gardener’s Handbook

makes it easy by showing how a well-designed landscape can yield both bounty for the table and beauty for the soul.


Whether she’s sharing tips on planting radishes in spring, harvesting tomatoes in summer, or pruning perennials in winter, Bartley’s friendly advice gives gardeners the tools they need to build and maintain a kitchen garden. Readers will learn how to plant, grow, and harvest the best vegetables, fruits, greens, and herbs for every season. They’ll also find seasonal recipes that celebrate the best of the harvest, monthly garden chores, eight sample garden designs, and information on using cut flowers for decoration.

The Kitchen Gardener’s Handbook

is a guide for gardeners who want it all—the freshness of fruits and vegetables and the beauty and simplicity of hand-picked bouquets.

photo of Jennifer R. Bartley

about Jennifer R. Bartley

Jennifer R. Bartley holds a master's degree in landscape architecture from Ohio State University, where she has served as an adjunct professor and critic in the design studios. Still living in Ohio, she is now in private practice as a landscape designer, artist, and photographer. She has traveled extensively throughout France to study traditional potagers (kitchen gardens), and has created her own versions of these gardens for American chefs and gardeners devoted to using fresh, seasonal, and local food. By emphasizing both functionality and design in her work, Bartley seeks to create beautiful and vibrant gardens that embrace a simpler life more connected to the landscape, the seasons, and the food we eat.

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