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Brussel Sprout Heirloom Seeds

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Tips for Growing Great Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts are started in the late summer so that they will develop during the cool fall months.  They must have 3 months of cool weather to develop properly.  The air temps should be between 45-75 degrees.  Don't worry about a little frost.  They can handle it as long as the thaw is slow. 

Start Brussel sprout seeds in pots and transplant to the garden.

Cover seeds 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep and transplant the seedlings when they are about 3 inches tall. Do not allow transplants to become stunted in the flats before transplanting.

Brussel sprouts need a very rich soil to perform well.  Enrich the soil with composted manure and humus. 

Never plant Brussel sprouts in the same place year after year.  Rotate your crops to keep pest and disease to a minimum. 

The small sprouts or buds form heads one to two inches in diameter. They may be picked (or cut) off the stem when they are firm and about one inch in size. The lower sprouts mature first. The lowermost leaves, if they have not been removed already, should be removed when the sprouts are harvested. Harvest sprouts before the leaves yellow.

Catskill Brussel Sprouts

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Long Island Improved Brussel Sprout

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