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Canadian Shipping

Shipping to Canada

Yes!  We ship to Canada, and now we are shipping with DHL to cut costs and increase trackability.  

Shipping charges for Canada depend upon the weight, and postal code it is going to.  We have partnered with DHL to allow a highly track-able solution that starts at only $7.50 as opposed to $25 for USPS, which you can still choose.  Up to 30 lb., shipping is enabled for DHL.  Once you enter in your shipping address into the checkout screen, you will be given the different shipping methods you can choose from.  

This is what you will see in the checkout screen:

Please note that the days are an estimate ONLY and depend upon many factors. 

DHL will pickup the package from us, cross the border and then deliver it to your local post office where the local postal carrier will deliver the final leg.  This allows for not only faster transit times, but a more accurate tracking of your package.  

Canadian Import Restrictions:  Please note that according to the Canadian Inspection agency

"Where the imported seed lot is 5 kg or less for large seeded crop kinds (such as peas, wheat, soybeans and corn) or is 500 g or less for small seeded crop kinds (such as alfalfa, tomato or canola), neither the import declaration information nor the seed analysis certificate need be supplied See Section Y for clarification of importation with multiple small seed lots." 

We may still contact you regarding a Phytosanitary Certificate if we feel a crop on your order might need it.  

These policies are subject to change at any time without notice.