Catskill Brussel Sprouts

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Brassica oleracea

Catskill Brussel Sprouts (85--98 days)


Introduced to the seed trade in 1941. 

Catskills produce a richly flavored heirloom brussel sprout that is about 1 1/2"- 2" in diameter. 

Very strong growth on a robust stalk that is 20-24" in height.

Easy to pick.

Excellent for fresh eating or freezing. 

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100' Row Yield


1/4" 270 55-70 5-10 24" 15-18" 65 lb. Full

Planting Tips:

Start spring seedlings 4-5 weeks before transplanting.  Start fall transplants 2-3 months before first frost.  Transplant out to the garden when 3” tall at least 90 days before your first frost in midsummer.  When transplanting, enrich soil with a little blood and bone meal.  Needs cool temperatures to head properly – will bolt in heat.  Keeping soil evenly moist is a must for a healthy crop.

Heirloom seeds are hardy, but always take care with your garden seeds to give them the appropriate amount of moisture - don't let the vegetable seeds dry out prematurely, and don't overwater and possibly have them rot.

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