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Cauliflower Heirloom Seeds

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Heirloom organic cauliflower is a cool season vegetable that may be considered a challenge to those who haven't learned its secrets. It is a crop that needs both correct soil and climatic requirements. However, it can be grown successfully if it is planted so that it will mature in the early summer or in the fall. 

Organic Soil and Fertilization:  Heirloom cauliflower is a crop that should have an uninterrupted growth. Any delay in growth will encourage the plants to prematurely form a small head. In order to avoid this, the soil should be high in organic matter so that it will hold a lot of moisture. It must also be very fertile. So using a great deal of well composted manure is a must!  Heirloom cauliflower likes a sweet soil so be sure the pH is about 6.5.

Starting Organic Seeds: Heirloom cauliflower plants should be about 6 weeks old when set in the field, figuring 3-4 plants per person per year. Cauliflower plants are grown the same as cabbage plants. Sow the seed 6 weeks before the plants are to be set in the field.

Set the plants 18-28 inches apart in the row and have the rows 30 inches apart. The plants should be set in the spring about 10 days after it is safe to set the earliest cabbage. The plants should be watered when transplanted to prevent wilting. Severe shock to plants at transplanting time often causes poor head development.  Work a quart of chicken manure into the soil around each plant 3 weeks after setting out the plants and again a month later.

Some of the best heirloom organic cauliflower seeds:  Some of the many heirloom cauliflower varieties are all year round cauliflower, Self Blanching cauliflower seeds, Snowball cauliflower seeds, Giant of Naples cauliflower seeds, Green Macerata organic cauliflower seeds, Purple of Sicily cauliflower seeds, Snowball Self-Blanching cauliflower seeds,Violetta Italia organic cauliflower seeds and snow crown cauliflower seeds.

Self Blanching Cauliflower Seed

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Snowball Y Improved Cauliflower Seeds

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