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Certified Organic Seed Garlic

Organic seed garlic for saleHeirloom Garlic


All garlic is Sustainably and Organically grown in accordance with Sustainable Seed Companies guidelines. Please read the following statements below before purchasing seed garlic.

Crop yields and availability are not yet available.  We will update this page once we know what varieties we will have to offer.

  • Certified Organic Garlic seed is sold by weight and not bulb count.
  • If you live in a state that can experience HOT weather in August/September we recommend buying postal insurance.  We will not be responsible for "cooked" garlic seed or its replacement unless you bought insurance. For this reason we will also only ship garlic bulbs Mon-Wed. to prevent any seed garlic getting caught in the mail system over the weekend.  Please check your mailbox often for your garlic bulbs.
  • Images of garlic varieties are for informational purposes only. The actual seed garlic that you receive may look different than images on website due to growing conditions and natural variation.
  • Yes, we do some lab testing for the presence of garlic bloat nematodes, but we believe testing to be imperfect and recommend a hot water treament of the cloves prior to planting if this is a pest of concern.  We have discovered much of CA garlic has nematodes and have now started heat treating ourselves before planting.
  • Seed garlic is only shipped within the Continental United States.
  • Garlic cannot be sent by Rush Order.




GGMO free seed garlicarlic is classified into different groups.  With each group having different characteristics.

Artichoke Garlic

  • The most productive and least problematic garlic.
  • Rarely bolts
  • Are easy to braid garlic and stores for a long time.
  • Do not have the depth or richness of flavor as the rocambole garlics do.
  • Mature very early in the garlic season
  • Have multiple clove layers
  • Most widely adapted of all the garlics.  However, are not suited to harsh winters.  Tolerant of southern heat.


Unavaible for this year, but we leave it here for reference:

Asiatic Garlic

  • Clove skins are thick and bulbs will typically be purple striped, but can be all white
  • Quickly maturing bulbs in warm climates
  • Generally have 9-12 fat garlic cloves
  • Garlic bulbs store well for about 5 months

Creole Garlic

  • Well suited to hot southern growing conditions
  • Fine taste, notably sweet, but some can be hot
  • Excellent storage type garlic

Purple Stripe Garlic

  • Very colorful, rich and complex in flavor
  • Produce thick scapes
  • Store reasonably well
  • Easy to peal garlic cloves
  • Can tolerate hotter southern conditions

Porcelain Garlic

  • Leaves are thick and broad
  • 4-6 large cloves
  • Easy to peel because of large clove size
  • Highest yields of allicin
  • VERY cold hardy garlic

Rocambole Garlic

  • The finest tasting garlics of all...period.
  • Garlic bulbs do not store for a long time
  • Requires winter cold to grow well and may not grow well in the South.
  • Peel VERY easily

SilverSkin Garlic

  • Very long storing bulbs, up to a year
  • Can be hot and lacking the complexity of some other var.  Others love them.  It is a matter of taste.
  • Productive and tolerant of a wide range of conditions

Turban Garlic

  • Among the first garlic bulbs ready to harvest
  • Very attractive and easily sold at Farmer Markets
  • Simple in taste, but can be hot when eaten raw.
  • Large garlic bulbs

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