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Organic Brown Tempest Garlic

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brown tempest garlic seedOrganic Brown Tempest Garlic


Brown Tempest originates from Poland.

It was introduced to the U.S. in 1984 and had been a hit ever since.

Hot when eaten raw, but so sweet and carmel flavored when roasted. 

The cloves are large and easy to peal.

35-40 cloves per pound

Mid season harvest

Stores about 5 months

organic garlic seed

This is my (Farmer John) absolute favorite garlic for roasting on the bbq pit.  No other garlic beats it because the sugars just caramelize perfectly in Brown Tempest.  I can stand there eating them off the bbq pit all day long!  They are like garlic lovers candy.  I simply take a clay pot (saucer and pot), brush on some olive oil and put them on the grill in the pot.  Well, I cut the roots off first because then all you have to do is squeeze the garlic out when it is roasted, no need to peel.  It takes about 20 minutes depending on your fire.  I also like to soak the clay pot in water first, but not necessary.  I'm normally doing burgers so I just squeeze some on my burger, but I always roast enough for later as they will keep for a week this way.  I squeeze them on crackers, in salad, on chicken or on French bread to give it that roasted garlic flavor. 

Organic Purple Stripe Garlic Seeds Your garlic will come in a breathable brown paper bag. Open this bag and allow fresh air in upon receipt. DO NOT break up your garlic into cloves until the day you are ready to plant. Keep your seed garlic cool and dry until the morning you are ready to plant. In the mid fall, plant cloves approximately 4-6 apart on 12 rows pointed end up with approximately 1 of soil covering it, then top with 3-4 of mulch (straw, hay, leaves, etc.). Then in spring, remove mulch to let the soil warm up. Gently dig up when 3-4 of the leaves have died back and allow to cure in a shady, well ventilated spot until the outer skins are fully dried.
Organic Purple Stripe Garlic Seeds
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